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Quality is extremely important to us – and is equally as important to Greenblendz.
– pHurity, Manufacturing of biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products

Our Facility

Our blending and packaging facility surpasses all cGMP, FDA and quality standards. Planning for the future and the growth of private brand and green technologies markets, facilities provide surplus capacity with room for expansion.

The Lab

Our chemists perform research and development and stringent quality control on all product batches. As a service to our clients, we can formulate new items, or tweak existing formulations to advance performance or other characteristics of existing products.

We also utilize an infrared spectrometer to maintain quality and component databases that ensure batch consistency to our customers or internally derived specifications.

Whether you have an idea for a product or currently have a base formulation you would like to improve, Greenblendz lab can assist in making the product come to life.


Whether you need liquids that are thin or thick, with multiple ingredients Greenblendz two mixing rooms can handle the job. Our primary mixing room includes a filtered air system to eliminate the entry of contaminants and maintain a controlled atmosphere. Our equipment includes:

Four 1,000 Gallon Stainless Steel blending tanks

Two 250 Gallon jacketed Stainless Steel kettles

Two 1,000 Gallon Plastic mixing tanks

One 100 Gallon double arm high viscosity mix tank

Water Treatment

Closed loop, purified, deionized and UV treatment of Great Lakes water results in pharmaceutical grade H2O.

Packaging / Filling

Greenblendz employs two fully automated packaging lines that allow packaging sizesfrom .5 oz to 2.5 gallons. Larger bulk sizes are also available. We also have the capability to fill wipe canisters.

We also have a separate controlled filling room for specialty or extra clean air condition requirements. We will soon offer “sample size” product production.


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