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Capitol Lawn Speech

10/18/2011 | Steve | Steve


The duck is back.

Businesses, families and “Betty” the ducky return to Lansing to stop toxic toys


Parents, health professionals and community leaders gathered at the Capitol today to urge legislators to support bills to protect children from toxic chemicals in children’s products.

“All too often children’s products contain hazardous chemicals that have been linked to diseases and disorders such as cancer, reproductive problems, and learning disabilities,” said Joyce Stein, RN, a member of the Michigan Nurses Association. “Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of toxic chemicals.”

Sen. Rebekah Warren (D-Ann Arbor) will introduce Safe Children’s Products legislation next week to give Michigan families the right to know about toxic chemicals in children’s products. Sen. Roger Kahn (R-Saginaw) announced the introduction of legislation to ban cadmium and mercury, toxic heavy metals that have been found in children’s jewelry and toys.

“Michigan families’ deserve the right-to-know about toxic chemicals in children’s products,” Warren said. “The Safe Children’s Products Act will give families the information they need to avoid children’s products with harmful chemicals.”

The Safe Children’s Products Act would: 

•     Require the state to create a list of chemicals of concern in children’s products, based on sound science.

•     Require toy importers and large manufactures to disclose the presence of chemicals of greatest concern in their children’s products.


“This legislation will empower Michigan families to protect their children from the most hazardous chemicals in children's products,” said Rebecca Meuninck, environmental health campaign director for the Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health.

In addition to Warren’s planned introduction of the Safe Children’s Products Act, Kahn introduced legislation to ban cadmium and mercury in children’s products. Cadmium is a known human carcinogen that continues to be found in children’s products. Both mercury and cadmium can impair normal brain and nervous system development in children.

“It is good business for Michigan companies to produce products without the use of hazardous chemicals,” said Steve Berry, the founder of Greenblendz of Auburn Hills. “Our company is capitalizing on the demand for safer products and we support this important legislation.”

The Michigan Network for Children’s Environmental Health (MNCEH), a coalition of health professional, health-affected and environmental organizations from across the state, is backed by toy–store owners, health professionals and families, committed to protecting Michigan’s children from toxic chemical exposure.


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